Ink Master Jr.

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Ink Master Jr.

Ink Master Jr. was designed to be portable and used in the field to meet a growing need to quickly and effectively remove ink from a printer and flush ink train components. After extensive design and testing, we have developed the Ink Master line of products. 

At 2.5" high, 4.5" Wide, 6" long Ink Master Jr. is small enough to fit in your tool case yet powerful enough to get the big jobs done!

We use the Ink Master™ in our refurbishment and service business, saving our customers thousands of dollars replacing ink lines and heads plus expensive downtime. Ink Master is recommended for use by service technicians and printer end users.

We also carry Ink Master and Ink Master Pro for use in industrial environments, grand format printers and printer repair centers.

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Intended Uses
  • Remove ink from a printer
  • Unclog and flush ink trains
      • Flush print heads
      • Printer ink-up without the formation of microbubles common with many print heads
      • In printer head cleaning (with optional head cleaning adaptor kit and solution)
      • Use on a routine basis to keep your heads from clogging.

    • Cost effective and a money maker for techs.
    • Printer owners will save $$$ by flushing lines and heads often bringing clogged heads back to working condition without removing the print head from the printer. - This saves down time, replacing expensive print heads, recalibration of the printer and ther is no need to pay a service tech.
    • Ink Master can be used over and over agian with trouble free operation.
    • Can be used with any model printer and any ink type.
    • Bypasses the printer's pumps and does not pull power from the printer. In fact, we recommend the printer be powered down and unplugged while using Ink Master.
    • Reduces time need to flush and ink up a printer. - Typical time needed to flush two ink lines and heads is less than 10 minutes.
    • Pumps can be ganged together increasing total flow when needed.
    • Does a much better job than the printer's pumps cleaning ink lines and needles, - No need to replace ink lines or needles.
    • Reduces wasted ink and flushing solution.
    • Portable, can be carried onto a plane supporting on-site tech work.
    • 8" x 6" x 3" size makes use and portability easy.
    • External power supply increases reliability. Power input 100 to 240VAC
    • Variable speed technology give precise control of flow rate and pressure.
    • LEDs provide a visual representation of speed and operating status.
    • Numbered dials on the knobs display setting in increments of .2 allowing repeatable pre-setting of flow when the desired setting is known.
    • Connections are solvent resistant Luer connectors and hoses.
    • Depending upon the condition of the print heads, can often be used for head recovery while the head is in the printer.
    • 90 day warranty - provided the unit has not been opened, modified or abused.

Warranty Information

Warranty is 30 days from order date and covers manufacturer defects. Warranty covers parts replacement only. To qualify for warranty coverage, the part must be installed by a trained and certified technician for the equipment into which the part is installed. Parts that are damaged due to abuse or misuse are not covered by warranty and may not be returned.